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Using Cavity Photos As Prevention

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

At some point in most of our lives, we know the pain and discomfort that comes with a tooth cavity. When experiencing a cavity, we tend to be sensitive to temperatures and have aches and pains at the site. It is generally known that your tooth begins to discolor, in a small, and that is most likely the part of the tooth in pain. Although we generally all have some knowledge of feeling, many continue to practice poor oral care, which is one of the major causes of cavities and tooth decay.

One main reason we may let our oral hygiene slip through the cracks after experiencing a cavity is because we figure it won’t happen again. You assume you will maintain better care, or now know what to watch out for while you’re eating food. This is primarily because we tend to block out painful feelings or times that make us experience discomfort. This is not ideal if you do not want to experience a tooth cavity, so to ensure we remember what it is like to deal with the pain and to maintain better care of our teeth, an ideal tool to remind ourselves would be to look at pictures of cavities.

Looking at pictures of cavities would show us what exactly it is to have bad teeth. Seeing the photos will also hopefully bring back memories, especially if the cavity photo is of your own teeth. Seeing photos of cavities would be helpful to encourage us to improve our oral hygiene. Simple oral hygiene habits such as brushing teeth in the morning at night prevent many dental issues. Also, it is important to remember that at night, bacteria growth in the mouth is higher than the accumulation during the day. This is because the acids from food eaten throughout the day will remain in the mouth. Brushing will neutralize these acids, therefore stopping the enamel in the teeth from wasting away while you sleep.

When you see pictures of cavities, it will shock you back to remembering the discomfort you felt. These pictures can be used as a good motivation to promote better oral hygiene. Always remember to brush and floss your teeth, daily.

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