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Same-Day Crowns and Bridges


Dental Crowns And Bridges

When you have damaged or missing teeth that need a quick restoration, we offer lifelike dental crowns and dental bridges. Both crowns and bridges restore a natural and attractive appearance as well as provide exceptional strength. Common uses for crowns are to restore a damaged or cracked tooth or protect a tooth after root canal treatment . Dental crowns and dental bridges are also used in dental implant tooth replacement and full arch tooth replacement. For our patient’s convenience, we have invested in CEREC® same-day technology to allow for crowns to be made in-office the very day of your appointment.


What is CEREC and how does it work video animation


Implant Supported Dentures


Implant supported dentures combine both dentures and dental implants to create a long-lasting, healthy, and stable tooth replacement solution. Dr. HagShenas will place two to four dental implants in your jaw, which will “snap” to a customized denture appliance for added security. The denture will be firmly held in place by the dental implants, preventing slipping or looseness. Implant supported dentures stimulate the jaw bone to prevent bone deterioration, meaning your appearance will not alter and the denture will not need to be adjusted and replaced. Implant supported dentures provide patients with a more natural smile, a stronger bite and secure hold when compared to traditional dentures.



Dentures are removable prosthetic appliances that mimic the look and function of natural teeth. Dr. Amir HagShenas custom fits patients for dentures so they fit the jaw comfortably. Dentures are often held in place through suction, adhesives or pastes, and need to be removed at night to sleep and clean. Over time, you will need to have your dentures adjusted to retain a proper fit because your jaw bone will begin to recede due to lack of tooth root stimulation. Dentures provide a natural appearance and allow the patient to eat a wider variety of foods than if they were without teeth.

A Convenient Location For All Your Needs

Making the decision to restore your mouth with dentures or implant supported dentures is a personal decision that Dr. HagShenas and our friendly staff are more than happy to help you understand during a consultation. We can cover the pros and cons, answer any questions or concerns, and provide you with a price estimate. Many patients choose to upgrade their traditional denture to implant supported dentures for their superior benefits. We have the state-of-the-art technology and skills to provide you with every step of the dental implant process in-house, so you don’t have to visit other offices . No matter your choice, both implant supported dentures and traditional dentures offer patients many benefits:

Tooth replacement solution

Improved diet

implant-supported-dentures-model-2-1 (1).png

Enhanced self-confidence

Natural appearance

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