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Sedation Dentistry Makes Going To The Dentist Easy


Easy Dental Experience

One of the biggest factors that prevent patients from getting the dental care they need is fear or anxiety of the dentist and dental procedures. However, delaying dental treatment will only make your problems worse and potentially require more extensive treatments. Dr. Amir HagShenas offers soothing sedation dentistry to help patients enjoy a positive dental experience free of anxiety or discomfort. Dr. HagShenas has changed the lives of many patients who reported being initially scared of visiting the dentist with the help of sedation dentistry. Getting everyone into a healthy oral and overall state is our goal and those who are embarrassed or nervous are encouraged to experience the difference sedation dentistry can make.


Dr. HagShenas talks about the options to provide the
most comfortable and relaxing care

Sedation Dentistry Options


A stronger form of sedation dentistry, oral sedation is taken in pill form before your procedure begins. This pill will put you in a sleepy, relaxed state, which allows Dr. HagShenas to easily perform your dental care. You will be able to respond to us but may not remember much from your treatments.

Candidates For Sedation Dentistry

Fear or anxiety of the dentist

Bad past dental experience


Sensitive gag reflex

Undergoing more complex procedure

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My Comfortable Dental Treatment With Sedation Dentistry


Sedation Dentistry Patient

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