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Bone Grafting:Regrowing your Jawbone for a New Smile

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

When considering the dental implant procedure, there is more to know than just about the implants, themselves. Dental implants require a certain candidate to be able to be placed. To be a dental implant candidate, you must have proper jaw bone density as well as sufficient soft tissue in the mouth to be able to stabilize the new teeth.

If you go in for an implant consultation and your doctor assesses your oral cavity and finds you do not have sufficient bone mass, there is a solution to fix this. Bone grafting is an option that can build up your jaw bone mass, to provide enough of a foundation to support the implants. A common area for this to occur is in the upper molars. 

If you are a candidate who needs bone grafting prior to their dental implantation, there are some options you and your doctor can choose from.

  1. Doctors will walk you through the different bone types might be used in preparing the dental implant bone.

  2. Autogenous (self-produced) bone comes from the person having the surgery and might be taken from the chin, or perhaps the hips.

  3. Block bone grafting is the process of cutting a piece of bone from another area of the body and implanting the area requiring the strong dental implant bone. It will need to be left for around three to six months before it will ready to take the tooth implant.

  4. Allograft bone comes from other human donors, usually cadavers.

Bone grafting is a great solution if you are suffering from failing dentition and you need an oral reconstruction. If you are in need of this procedure, your dentist will guide you through the process of what you should expect. You should keep in mind that if you need bone grafting to complete your surgery, it will add time to the implant process as well as the healing process. Just like any kind of surgery, you should make sure that dental implant bone surgery is carried out by a fully qualified practitioner to ensure your healing goes as smoothly as possible.

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