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Why Would You Get Dentures?

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Dental technology has come a long way over the years, and that includes in the realm of dentures.

With so many different options available, some patients may wonder why they should consider dentures? There are actually many good reasons that may come to light with a talk with your dentist in San Jose, CA. Dr. Amir HagShenas and the staff at Silicon Valley Smile Solutions may recommend dentures if you fall into the following categories.

You Have Missing Teeth or Are Losing Teeth

Living with missing teeth can be problematic for a few reasons. It can make it difficult to speak and even chew your food. Your teeth do not even have to be missing – loose teeth can also cause issues. If your teeth are loose, they are also at a higher risk of falling out. Dentures may help restore your mouth to normal function.

You Have Trouble Chewing and Speaking

If your teeth are causing issues with chewing and speaking in general, then replacing them may help to restore your quality of life. There are quality bonding solutions for dentures that enable you to speak normally and eat many of the foods you love.

You Want an Affordable Teeth Replacement Option

You want the best solutions for restoring your teeth, but perhaps your budget has different ideas. Traditional dentures are an affordable teeth replacement option that may be covered by many insurance policies.

Traditional dentures are generally the most affordable options, but implant supported dentures offer the advantages of dental implants at a rate more affordable than replacing each tooth individually.

You Have Consulted With Your Dentist

Before pursuing any dental treatment, you should always consult with your dentist first. Dr. HagShenas can help you decide which treatment option may be best for your needs and desired outcome. Our team will help you decide if dentures are right for you.

Talk to Us Today

If you are ready to learn more about dentures and how they may benefit you, contact our office to schedule a consultation today.

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