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Want Full Arch Dental Implants Fast? Get Teeth In a Day

Updated: Sep 29, 2023

Patients who need a full arch replacement because of total tooth loss on the upper or lower jaw have traditionally had one path to them — dentures. Many patients find that even acting as fast as possible, it still takes a few weeks to go from an initial appointment to fully fitted dentures. Even those who use full arch dental implants sometimes have a wait while the teeth are being manufactured. That’s what makes Teeth In a Day such a revolutionary technology.

Harnessing Computer Modeling and Automated Manufacturing

Today’s small-scale maker technologies and computer control systems are helping healthcare professionals in many disciplines. Your dentist is no exception. With this technology, Dr. HagShenas is able to produce a full set of replacement teeth at the same time the dental implants are installed, leaving patients with both the implants and the dentures they support when they leave their appointment.

This procedure has a fast recovery time, but there is still a window of several days to two weeks where an aftercare routine will need to be followed. Individual recovery times vary, and patients report even higher satisfaction with the same-day solution than they did with other generations of full arch dental implants.

Advantages to Implants

If you’re wondering what makes implant supported dentures a little better than traditional dentures, it’s not hard to figure out.

  1. Implants are permanent, and the fit never changes

  2. You can enjoy all your favorite foods without worry

  3. Fast recovery times

  4. Stimulates the jaw, preventing tissue atrophy

  5. Natural-looking and easy to care for

Contact Us Today

For more information about using dental implants to replace all the teeth in an arch, contact our office today and ask for a consultation appointment. Our staff is available to help you find a convenient time during regular business hours, and they can also answer any questions you have about what you’ll need for that initial appointment.

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