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Dental Lasers

Make Procedures Easy and Gentle

When performing soft tissue treatments, Dr. Amir HagShenas utilizes state-of-the-art laser dentistry for minimally invasive and gentle care. Our special BIOLASE® laser allows us to perform soft tissue treatments with ease and minimal discomfort. Laser dentistry is often preferred for soft tissue treatments because it can more gently perform surgery without the use of scalpels or sutures and often with minimal bleeding.

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Patients are amazed by WaterLase

Our use of laser dentistry allows us to perform many different treatments:

We can use laser dentistry to gently remove gum tissue that has been infected by disease. Dr. HagShenas will simply direct the laser light over the targeted areas to remove and cauterize the tissues. The laser will only eliminate the diseased tissue and leave healthy tissue unharmed.

For those with a tongue- or lip-tie, we can use laser dentistry to severe the frenulum tissue that is restricting movement. Using laser dentistry allows us to perform this treatment quickly with no scalpels, sutures and almost no bleeding.

Patients who have excessive gum tissue covering the crown of their teeth are often said to have a gummy smile or “short” teeth. We can remove this excessive gum tissue with laser dentistry to improve the appearance of the smile without scalpels.

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Commitment to Patient Care

Laser dentistry is proven to be gentler and is ideal for patients who may be fearful of the dentist or for children in need of treatments. Dr. HagShenas believes in staying up-to-date in the latest dental techniques and technologies, taking over 100 hours of continuing education each year. We choose to offer laser dentistry because of our commitment to providing the very best dental care to our patients in as gentle a way as possible. Patients who choose laser dentistry often benefit from:

  • No scalpels or sutures
  • Minimal bleeding
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  • Quick healing time
  • Effective teeth whitening.

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