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Dental Implant Cost


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By making the choice to replace your missing or failing teeth with dental implants, you are making the firsts steps to an overall healthier and happier life. Dental implants provide the security and health benefits that dentures and dental bridges lack, making them the gold standard tooth replacement solution. Dr. Amir HagShenas and our team want to make your smile dreams come true and change your life for the better. We have the advanced technology and dental expertise to make our office the only one you need to visit during your dental implant procedure, so you won’t have to see other doctors and can save time on appointments. Our patients frequently report that having a smile they love is worth the cost of dental implants. 

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Cost Of Dental Implants


For many people, having a beautiful, healthy smile is priceless and dental implants can help patients with missing teeth achieve this goal. One of the most common questions we hear is what the cost of dental implants might be. This question is difficult to answer because each dental implant case is unique to every person depending on their needs, oral health and smile goals. We always want to work within your budget and during your consultation, we will be able to offer you an overall estimate for your unique situation.


The Factors That Determines Cost

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The cost of dental implants changes depending on how many teeth need to be replaced or where those teeth are located. Some procedures require additional treatments or specialized techniques to perform, which also alters the cost.

In order to place dental implants, the mouth must be in a healthy state and free of disease. Those affected by gum disease will need to have the disease treated before implants are placed so that they heal successfully.

Those with failing teeth or broken teeth will need to have them extracted. Patients seeking full arch dental implants or implant supported dentures may need to have any remaining teeth removed to make space for the bridge or denture.

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In order to successfully place dental implants, patients must have adequate bone volume to support the implant post. Bone grafting treatments needed will affect the overall cost of dental implants.



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