Restore Lost Bone To Qualify For Dental Implants




Why Bone Grafting Is Necessary


One of the most important factors to consider before having dental implants placed is the amount of bone volume within your jaw. Having adequate bone volume is necessary to hold the implant post firmly in place and ensure the dental implant does not fail or feel loose within the jaw. For many patients seeking dental implants, jaw bone loss is a common concern. Bone volume can be lost for a variety of reasons, including gum disease, oral trauma, and tooth loss. When bone has been lost, the only way to properly restore it is through bone grafting treatments. After the bone graft has healed, you will be able to proceed with dental implant placement.


The Bone Grafting Process

During a bone grafting procedure, Dr. Amir HagShenas will take a sample of bone from you or a donor source and convert it into bone granules, similar in texture and appearance to sand. These granules are then placed at the site of bone deterioration, just under the gum tissue. During bone grafting procedures, we utilize guided tissue regeneration techniques to ensure that the graft material heals in the proper place and the gum tissue does not interfere. The bone granules will fuse to your existing jaw bone to create a solid structure that looks even within your mouth and is capable of supporting a dental implant. For those concerned about discomfort during the placement of the graft material, we offer effective sedation techniques to alleviate fears and sensations of discomfort.


Our Bone Grafting Procedures

Silicon Valley Smile Solutions offers a variety of bone grafting procedures that are performed in-house by Dr. HagShenas. Depending on your needs we will utilize one of these modern techniques:

Socket preservationRidge augmentationSinus lift


Socket preservation

After a tooth has been extracted we will fill the empty socket with bone grafting This prevents surrounding teeth from shifting into the empty space, prevents additional bone deterioration and will give you adequate volume for dental implants. We typically will perform this treatment at the same time your tooth is removed.

Ridge augmentation

Those who have suffered from oral trauma or have had missing teeth for a lengthy amount of time may notice an uneven jaw line do to bone loss. We can restore your jaw using bone grafting techniques to make the jaw line even, prevent teeth from shifting and improve candidacy for dental implants.

Sinus lift

Patients who are missing teeth in their upper molar area typically require a sinus lift in order to restore bone volume. Typically, this area of the mouth has lower bone volume due to the sinus cavity above. A sinus lift procedure allows Dr. HagShenas to gently access the sinus cavity and raise the membrane. Bone grafting material is then placed under the raised sinus to fuse into healthy bone. Once your bone is restored, a dental implant can be placed in this area successfully.

Bone grafting diagram




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