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Dental Technology


At Silicon Valley Smile Solutions, we believe in staying on the leading edge of all things dentistry. Our practice features advanced dental technology that allow us to provide truly comprehensive, accurate and minimally invasive care. With our advanced dental technology we are able to offer patients the level of quality care they deserve and provide them with an attractive smile they will be proud to show off. For many, our advanced dental technology gives patients an improved relationship with dentistry once they see how gentle and accurate we can be.


State Of The Art Technology

X-NAV Implant Surgery

Cone beam CT scanner (CBCT)

CEREC© same-day crowns




Intraoral Camera

Smile Previewing Technology

X-NAV Implant Surgery

Dynamic 3D Navigation for More Accurate Dental Implant Surgery

X-Guide® is a revolutionary technology that extends the capabilities of our 3D imaging technology for simplified and more accurate implant surgery procedures. It boasts dynamic 3D navigation that delivers interactive, turn-by-turn guidance giving you the ability to improve the precision and accuracy of implant POSITION, ANGLE and DEPTH. Featuring the only live, 360-degree single-view of drill position and anatomy during surgery, X-Guide allows Dr. HagShenas to confidently transfer your 3D treatment plan to the patient, with ease. X-Guide also makes same-day guided surgery a reality for patients.



After Cone-Beam 3D

Cone-Beam 3D Equipment

Cone-Beam 3D Imaging

A CBCT scan captures highly detailed images of your mouth and oral structure, allowing us to properly plan your treatments and procedures.



CEREC Same-Day Teeth

Cerec Same-Day Teeth

Our CEREC© technology allows us to design and mill high-quality, custom dental crowns in just one appointment, in about an hour.



DIAGNOdent device


This technology allows us to identify potential cavities early so you can be properly treated before additional decay occurs



VELscope device


This handheld device helps us identify abnormal lesions within your mouth and can catch signs of oral cancer early when it is most treatable.



Intraoral camera in mouth

Intraoral Camera

A handheld camera that is used to capture high-quality digital images of your teeth, which are shown on a monitor so you can see what we see.


Beautiful smile

Smile Previewing Technology

This advanced dental technology allows us to preview your dental treatments results with you before we even start the procedures.



Your Smile Deserves The Best Care

With our commitment to advanced dental technology we can make your dental visits easier, more convenient and gentle. Dr. Amir HagShenas stays on top of dental advancements and trends by participating in over 100 hours of continuing dental education every year. This ensures that you are receiving the most updated and leading-edge care available. This advanced dental technology helps make us the one-stop dental clinic you need for all your needs. 



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