Protecting Your Teeth With Sealant

If you have experienced a lot of tooth decay, resulting in cavities, your dentist may recommend putting sealants on your teeth. A dental sealant is a coating that is placed on the tooth, made of a plastic material. Sealant is typically placed on back teeth, where chewing occurs. This coating is to prevent decay from occurring. When a dentist chooses to apply a dental sealant, it is to protect the tooth further than a filling could, to ensure the tooth is healthy.

Sealants are placed to safeguard teeth. It is usually placed on the back teeth because the grooves of the teeth are where bacteria and food debris settles. The sealant is placed to cover the grooves, creating a smooth surface, not allowing food or bacteria to stay on the tooth. This provides a barrier, so when you brush or rinse your mouth, the particles have nowhere to stay.

While dental sealants typically are applied on adult teeth, it is not usual for adults to get. Sealants are commonly used on teenagers who struggle with cleaning their teeth well, and are more susceptible to getting cavities. Dental sealants last for a number of years, and can be reapplied if necessary. Sealants keep a natural look to the teeth, and are clear or white for this reason.

It is important to remember that sealant is used when cavities have been a problem. If a dentist chooses to go this route, decay has been a reoccurring situation. Sealant also requires regular oral maintenance. This means you are supposed to brush your teeth and floss as you regularly would. Maintaining good oral hygiene will prevent other teeth from decay.

If you struggle from tooth decay and believe you would benefit from dental sealant, consult with your dentist. Sealant may be a procedure you did not know existed but would value from. Contact your dentist to schedule a dental sealant appointment. Dental sealant is a great way to defend your teeth from further cavities.

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